Each person non resident of the Russian Federation prior to applying for visa in the consulate must get an invitation according to the purpose of his or her visit.
Your Visa To Russia provides invitations for tourist and business trips.

Choose a Russian visa invitation you need

Tourist up to 30 days Business up to 3 month Business up to 1 year
Is given for not more than 30 days. Can be single or double entry. Best for one time business or tourist trips to Russia. Price is €14.99 or €17.99. Ready in 5 minutes! Can be single, double or multiple entry. Can be issued as original or sent directly to your consulate by telex. Prices vary from €45 to €135 and depend on processing time. Valid 90 days in each 180. Best for those who travel a lot, have many business negotiations, take part in conferences and seminars or provide consultations in Russia.
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Why use Your Visa To Russia

We offer low rates, provide services 7 days a week and on holidays, we have a long track record of satisfied customers and wide range of invitation types.

How to order a Russian tourist visa invitation

  1. Fill-in visa invitation application form
  2. Pay online using PayPal
  3. Receive order confirmation by email
  4. Let us 5 minutes to process your order
  5. Get your tourist invitation by email

Services for citizens of migration risk countries

Tourist and business visa invitations, from 1 to 12 months. We accept payments from migration risk countries by Bank Transfer, Western Union and MoneyGram. Learn more →