Each person non resident of the Russian Federation prior to applying for visa in the consulate must get an invitation according to the purpose of his or her visit.
Your Visa To Russia provides invitations for tourist and business trips.

Tickets to museums, palaces, folk shows and other activities

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We provide you with a fine selection of the best places of interest in St. Petersburg. The best way to save your time on buying the tickets is to order them in our company. Moreover, we will deliver them to your place of stay with pleasure.

Sometimes lines to major museums and landmarks can take up to 3-4 hours waiting time. We offer cheap prices and hassle free entrance. Our no standing, no waiting policy allows to avoid long entrance lines during peak tourist season. This is only possible with our exclusive entrance tickets.

For ordering tickets to wonderful museums, palaces, folk shows and activities in St. Petersburg, Peterhof, Pushkin and Pavlovsk online, please use Noqueue — the first and only online service where you can reserve your tickets in St. Petersburg.

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