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Shore excursions in St. Petersburg, Peterhof, Pushkin and Pavlovsk

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When you arrive by cruise ship you will have just 72 hours to see it all. Our knowledgeable guides, professional drivers and convenient ticket service will help you to avoid long lines and enjoy the city with it's landmarks. Great service and our low prices will pleasantly surprise your.

Noqueue is the best opportunity for cruise passengers to book shore excursions. The prices are undoubtedly reasonable, unlike price list for shore excursions offered on a cruise ship. Using Noqueue services you get the most vivid impression of St. Petersburg and its nearby towns.

During city tours, we stop at a few special points of interest for memorable photos that you'll love to show your family and friends back home. We guarantee the lowest rates for private city tours in St. Petersburg and the best service around.

We can offer you a wonderful introduction to St. Petersburg that allows you to feel the vibe of the city in person. The route of the tour can vary according to your interests and the time can be lengthened or shortened as well.

See our site dedicated specially to St Petersburg shore excursions.

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