Each person non resident of the Russian Federation prior to applying for visa in the consulate must get an invitation according to the purpose of his or her visit.
Your Visa To Russia provides invitations for tourist and business trips.

Russian consulate in Sweden, Stockholm and Göteborg

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Embassy of The Russian Federation, Gjörwellsgatan 31, 112 60 Stockholm — show on a map or visit official web-site.


General Consulate of The Russian Federation, Sankt Sigfridsgatan 1, 412 66 Göteborg — show on a map or visit official web-site.

NOTE: If you are getting a tourist Russian visa in Sweden then you are in trouble. In January 2006 a new consul was appointed who was apparently given orders to catch spies. So now if you want to apply for a tourist visa in the Russian consulate in Sweden you need to present a confirmation that your hotel stay was fully paid (issued by the same company that issued your visa support together with the hotel). If you apply for a business visa, you need to present the documents that prove business relationships with the company that issued your business support. You will also need to present originals of all documents. If all this is fine for you, then you don't need to read further.

The solutions is to apply for a tourist Russian visa in neighbor Norway, Denmark, Finland or any other EU country (except Germany and Switzerland) using the same documents. However, you need to have a resident status in one of these countries (all EU citizens have it automatically throughout EU territory).

Insider information about getting a Russian visa in Ghana

  1. Complete tour itinerary prepared by a travel agency is required when applying for a tourist visa.

In order to apply for a tourist or business Russian visa you will need an official invitation from a registered travel company. Your Visa To Russia specializes on Russian tourist and business visa invitations.

Visa support services by Your Visa To Russia for Swedish citizens

Tourist up to 30 days Business up to 1 year Fast Business in 4 days
Is given for not more than 30 days. Can be single or double entry. Best for one time business or tourist trips to Russia. Price is €14.99 or €17.99. Ready in 5 minutes! Can be single, double or multiple entry. Can be issued as original or sent directly to your consulate by telex. Prices vary from €45 to €135 and depend on processing time. Valid 90 days in each 180. Best for those who travel a lot, have many business negotiations, take part in conferences and seminars or provide consultations in Russia.
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