Each person non resident of the Russian Federation prior to applying for visa in the consulate must get an invitation according to the purpose of his or her visit.
Your Visa To Russia provides invitations for tourist and business trips.

How to register my Russian visa?

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You can easily register you Russian visa if you know address of your inviting company in Russia. In first 7 business days you should visit their office and give in the documents for registration:

  1. Copy of your passport first page
  2. Copy of your visa
  3. Copy of your migration card

Also a friend of yours or your relative can register you in the post office, if you are staying in his apartment.

If you stay in a hotel, the receptionist must take care of your registration upon your arrival.

If you order invitation from Your Visa To Russia, we can register you too. Just send us copies of your documents and the exact address where you are staying in St Petersburg. If you need to be registered in Moscow, please address our managers and they will give you our partner's contacts in Moscow.

Your Visa To Russia is also able to register visas issued for invitation from another travel companies too. All you need is to contact us.

After the 25th of March 2011 amendment to the registration law, the deadline period of registration upon the arrival was extended to 7 business days from 3. It means that you can now have a little more time to collect all the necessary documents and visit your inviting company, or local post office, or local Migration service department for registration.

Furthermore, you can now be registered not only to your apartment's or hotel's address, but also to the address of your inviting or host company, or even company's address you are working at. Remember, you should still get your migration card while crossing a boarder to prevent further problems in registration process.

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