Each person non resident of the Russian Federation prior to applying for visa in the consulate must get an invitation according to the purpose of his or her visit.
Your Visa To Russia provides invitations for tourist and business trips.

Legal Note

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1. I am aware that Your Visa To Russia provides Russian visa invitations. Your Visa To Russia does not provide Russian visas. Visas are provided by Russian Consulate directly or via the use of a third party agency.

2. I am aware of and consent to the following: any personal data concerning me which appear on this visa invitation application form will be supplied to the relevant authorities in the Russian Federation and processed by those authorities, if necessary, for the purposes of a processing of my visa invitation application. Such data may be input into, and stored in, databases accessible to the relevant authorities.

3. At my express request, Your Visa To Russia processing my application will inform me of the manner in which I may exercise my right to check the personal data concerning me and have them altered or deleted, in particular, should they be inaccurate, in accordance with the national law of the Russian Federation.

4. I declare that to the best of my knowledge all particulars supplied by me are correct and complete.

5. I am aware that my false statements will lead to my visa invitation application being rejected and may also render me liable to prosecution under the law of the Russian Federation which deals with the application.

6. I have been informed that possession of a visa invitation is only one of the prerequisites for obtaining a Russian Federation visa and can not serve as document on a border control.

7. Your Visa To Russia can not be liable for delays in documents processing caused by official organizations of the Russian Federation such as Migration Service, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, consulates and embassies of the Russian Federation and any other governmental organizations involved in the process of rendering the service.